Topographic work performed with the Immagina system and the DJI MAVIC PRO 2

Type of work:
Dimensioned plan with detailed volume calculation (earthwork and carryover) for excavation and leveling of rural area, level curves that represent the course of the land and of the earth moved.


  • Flight with DJI MAVIC PRO 2 to 70 meters in height
  • Processing point cloud and orthomosaic with Immagina software
  • Georeferred in Gauss Boaga coordinate system
  • Creation of detailed points and dimensioned plan and level curves with Immagina software
  • Calculation of the DTM and volume of heaps and diggings and movement of the land to be filled with the Immagina software


Survey of land, with gradients, for restitution of the listed plan, streets’ representation

Cloud points
With 1 topographic point every 50 cm
Flight 60 meters above the ground
Orthomosaic 2D
With overlap of points for the dimensioned plane and roads’ representation and level curves
Dimensioned plan and roads’ representation and level curves without orthomosaic
 Street profile with stake every 5 meters,
With dimensions and distances


Survey of ground with dimensioned plan, level curves, calculation of excavation volume
and carryover, DTM terrain

Orthomosaic in scale,
With topographic points
Flight 100 meters above the ground
Dimensioned plane with grid of points every 15 meters.
representation of the mound of earth
Representation of the road and building
With road profile and pegs every 5 meters
Processed exportable in DXF and DWG
Representation of the contour curve
DTM 3D representation of the terrain according to the mesh of points chosen by us
With overlapping topographic points created in the office
 Road profile With pegs every 5 meters, odds and distances



Land survey with a dimensioned plane, and surveyed building for measurement

Points cloud.
Flight performed with camera tilted 60 meters above the ground, to return even the vertical part of the elements (manufactured)
Cloud detail of points on which topographic
points are created, measurements and details